Be The Best Investor You Can Be.

Best outputs at the best price.

This ensures everyone has the opportunity to participate in stock trading.

We achieve success due to state of the art algorithm technology, AI programming and extensive experience in the financial industry.

Happy clients

Providing our clients with a larger array of stock lists than are currently available on the market.

We believe in providing benefit to our customers through value, convenience and great returns. The cost base for our products significantly benefits the user increasing overall economic activity and share trading. 

The selection can provide low to medium and high risks stock selections, great spread of datasets to allow amateurs to become great investors through a platform that fosters investor efficiency and most importantly gives convenience for everyday users when selecting stocks.

Our Approach

The platform and the underlying algorithms have been designed to enable rapid data processing, effective decision making over multiple trading platforms at a rapid pace scanning millions of data points and using Artificial Intelligence to determine the best stocks.

This architecture is not currently present in the marketplace and from our best ability we have not seen anything available to incorporate the AI components to this extent. This unique design is what our intent was and using the experience of our main software architect we have been able to develop a competitive product.

Our mission is to enhance the success and financial independence of traders and investors


We provide the best stock picks at a low cost to allow everyone to experience financial well-being and to “Be the best investor you can be.” Our software builds statistical models using decades of financial data and calculates statistical probabilities for the direction of securities prices. 

We found this an excellent platform it certainly helped us add to our shares as self funded retirees. 

– Robert Jonson

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