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What are the core philosophies ?

The genesis of the platform was driven by the following philosophies:

Value Investing Philosophy: Buying assets that has a higher value than the price you can buy them for. The assets will continue to make you wealthier even though you do not put in any additional time and energy.

Modular Architecture: Configured to run in different configurations. This ability can provide a diverse range of investment opportunities. E.g. Growth Companies / Dividend Stocks etc.

Data Acquisition: Algorithms can be run on continuous mode monitoring the market daily and finding growth opportunities. The same platform can be used globally.

Artificial intelligence: Algorithms can access data on public forums and websites programmed to search information about a specific company. Once the information is received consumer sentiment or company score is allocated to determine what people think. This results in a better prediction of consumer expectations that can affect a company’s stock performance. The algorithm also continuously learns and adapts to the new information for immediate access. The combination of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics provides investors with opportunities and stock lists that are not currently available to the public. 

How do we select data? 

The key pillars of stock selection are based on the analysis of large financial information arrays, stock profiles, consumer sentiment, historical analysys and forecasting. By following this strategy, the software uses actual financial data to determine specific criteria. We also use custom portfolio building technology to minimise the risks by using advanced data mining techniques coupled together with statistical models. The portfolio builder provides an output on the number of stocks desired versus all the possible combinations on the market providing the optimal risk vs return classification according to historical data. These additional modules incorporated in the software are customisable and continuously learning.

What is our advantage? 

Rapid data processing or a large array of data using the latest financial equations and methods. Use of AI to levels not available to the average consumer. Easy to use, convenient and value driven product selections for all investors. 

Why us? 

Currently stock provider platforms do not provide this service to this level at such a low price. We are aiming to provide the best outputs, at the best price to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in stock trading.

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