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AUS Monthly Portfolio Subscription

AUS Monthly Portfolio Subscription

From: $19.50 Inc GST / month with a 2-month free trial

Access monthly stock outputs for a variety of key areas.

Our software builds statistical models using decades of financial data and calculates statistical probabilities for the direction of securities (stock) prices. We use highly advanced mathematical models and artificial intelligence to manipulate vast amounts of data by deploying scalable technological architectures for computation to provide outputs that are accurate and auditable.
Subscribers receive monthly access to stock outputs for the following categories:

ASX Base Portfolio $19.50 per month
Best Undervalued Stocks (top 5)
Best ETF Stocks (top 5)
Stocks That Have Picked up Momentum (top 10)

ASX Plus Portfolio  $29.99 per month
Includes all of the above stock lists 
+ Best High Growth Stocks (top 20)

Two month free subscription will be applied to your account. Special deals are automatically updated from time to time.

Subscriptions will auto-renew on the 25th of each month regardless of your signup date.
Your initial sign-up fee will be deducted immediately from your nominated account.

ASX Top 20 Medium/Long Term Investment Profile $599.00 renews every 6 months
If you are looking for long term investments we now offer ASX Top 20 Medium/Long Term Investment Profile. The stock list provides a one-off product encompassing stocks listed on the ASX that provide steady appreciation over the Medium to Long Term. Stock selection is based on an estimated growth rate of 5% PA and includes stocks that are high yielding specifically for investors looking for sustainable growth and low risk. This product is suitable for all investors looking for long term value and high yields.


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Best Growth Stocks

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Our mission is to enhance the success and financial independence of traders and investors

Combined Analysis

We give you the ability to combine both fundamental and technical analysis of stocks.

Multi-level Filtering

Get access to fully customizable multi-level filtering process to select best stocks.

Changing Markets

Be prepared for and easy adapt to changing market conditions.

Expert Analysis

Receive regular expert analysis on selected output stocks.

We found this an excellent platform it certainly helped us add to our shares as self funded retirees. 

- Robert Jonson