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Australian subscribers can access monthly stock outputs for the following categories: 

Stocks That Have Picked up Momentum (top 10)
Best Undervalued Stocks (top 5)
Best ETF Stocks (top 5)

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Colombo Stock Exchange

Being one of the fastest growing emerging markets in the world the CSE has become the best performing stock market as of January 2021.
Sri Lanka offers the best negative correlation in Asia compared to India, US and Japan with Malaysia in 2nd place.
It offers very good investment opportunities to global investors.

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Subscribers access additional monthly stock outputs for the following categories :
Best Growth Stocks (top 5) 
Best Dividend Growth / Yield Stocks (top 5) 
Most Shorted Stocks (top 5) 
Custom stock lists.
Stock options for a particular investment strategy.

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Determine the most appropriate stock lists available.
Stock lists can be developed for various applications, investment profiles and risk appetite.
Multiple data sets available to allow strategic investing.
Algorithm selection to obtain the ultimate stock list.

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Our products enable wealth creation  and financial enlightenment at a low monthly cost. 


The stock selection strategy is based on financial performance and only companies that meet the  stringent criteria are selected. 

In valuing a business, the business needs to be generating positive earnings and we only aim to invest in such companies.

The  inbuilt financial acumen selects stocks based on performance and momentum not speculative assumptions.  

“You become what you believe” and we believe in providing stock picks  to help  everyone can  become the best investor they can be. 


Best Undervalued Stocks

Best Growth Stocks

Best Dividend Growth

Most Shorted Stocks

Best ETF Stocks

Stocks Picking up Momentum

Investment Portfolio

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